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The best way to find out about CrossFit is to do it!  Come try one of our Free Intro Classes! The classes are intended to give you a sample of what a CrossFit workout would be like. They are designed with ANY fitness level in mind. We can scale up or down depending on your needs. That means ANYONE can do it! Bring a friend, bring your family. Just come!


            GROUP CLASSES


Our workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements (like pushups, pullups, squats, deadlifts, gymnastics, olympic lifting) executed at high intensity in a group setting. It's fun, friendly, high-intense, efficient and highly effective.


If you want to get fit, improve performance in your sport, or just want to look better naked, CrossFit is for you! 



Private Coaching is available for athletes who would like individual attention to address specific areas of focus.  Private coaching hours can be scheduled with individual coaches or by sending an email to  Private rates vary by coach.

            CROSSFIT KIDS


 Our CrossFit Kids class is designed for ages 4-12 with some exceptions. The classes are 1 hour long. They are held Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm. These are classes are designed to get your childern functional and moving. We focus on building core strength and basic coordination. Our goal is to keep your child moving while having fun. The cost is $65 per month per child. This program has produced a 4th Place teen in the world at the CrossFit Games. 

            BARBELL CLUB


This is a USAW barbell club with a club coach. The barbell club program is for the athletes that want to get stronger and lift heavy. There is not much conditioning. The focus will be on building power and strength. This is open to all ages.  From this program we've produced 2 Youth National Champions, several youth national level lifters and medalist, 6 state champions, and 22 Texas state Olympic weightlifting records.


This program is designed for the person that wants to tone up and lose weight. This is a tried and tested program that we know works if you follow our specific instructions.  This consists of lighter weights and more body weight exercises. This doesn't mean it's easy. These workouts are long and hard. This can also be used for people newer to CrossFit that might be afraid of heavy lifting. 



Why do you need a corporate wellness program?

  • Healthy, productive employees are a company’s greatest asset!

  • Physically inactive employees are absent 118% more than active employees.

  • Extensive studies have shown that exercise helps employees achieve higher mental concentration, feel more alert, and improves reaction time, memory and decision-making ability. They enjoy work more than non-participants and it boosts their morale.

  • Unhealthy employees have higher health care costs than healthy employees.

  • Reduce total health care costs: in terms of medical claims, the American Journal of Health Promotion found that physically active employees are $391 less expensive than inactive workers each year.


Email for more info.

            FIGHT CLUB


A high intensity workout system that uses bodyweight exercises like  striking using all limbs, hands, elbows, knees, feet derived from different martial arts like Muay Thai and Boxing combined with standard CrossFit movements and lifts.. Striking is a general training method for beginners, fitness and martial arts enthusiasts, and athletes of all kinds looking for a unique high-intensity fitness program. Although, it is NOT a venue for fighting or sparring, or a class to learn self-defense or MMA. 

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