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Our Community, Our Gym

CrossFit Forney was opened to help people get and stay fit. We focus on teaching fundamentals before increasing intensity.  Our first goal is to keep you safe and then our second goal to get you in shape. We believe that everyone can do our program based on how we modify movements and lifts. We have a strong community that will act as your support system so you will never go through the workouts alone. 

Why should you choose our community?


  1. Our coaches have REAL CrossFit experience. We were CrossFit athletes before we were coaches. That means we worked out at CrossFit gyms long before we decided to start coaching CrossFit. A CrossFit L1 doesn't make you a coach! Read here

  2. We have a great community. We workout together and we hang out together. Don't join a gym, join our community! Together we're an awesome support system!

  3. We put an emphasis on form and technique before we allow you go up in weight. This will help prevent injury and in the big picture get you much stronger.

  4. We have an official USAW barbell club and club coach. Check us out here.  

  5. We have a kids area with toys, flat screen tv where we can stream just about anything. Put your child in there while you workout. Bring their favorite movie or game and they'll be entertained while you get FIT!

  6. We provide a certified kids program. CrossFit can be a great foundation for any sport your child plays. It can also help your child improve at their sport. Inquire about our CrossFit Kids program!

  7. We have plenty of space! You will not be working out top of one another. Our 5000 sq. ft. warehouse allows everyone enough space to feel comfortable and away from moving barbells and kettlebells. We also have a 600 sq. ft. outdoor space with a 32ft pull up rig.  

Are all CrossFit gyms the same?


All CrossFit gyms are individually owned & operated. They are not franchises. Basically, all CrossFit gyms “do their own thing”.


What does this mean to you? You should check out the facilities, the coaches & the classes. Some gyms may omit Olympic-style weightlifting, gymnastics & other modalities. Some programs are based on bodyweight only. Some gyms focus on strict weight training. The experience and skill level (not the same thing) of coaches & trainers also vary. What do you get with your membership? Think about the value you versus the cost. Ask yourself where else would you get unlimited personal training for the price? Are there workshops or community events?  Are you just paying for someone to tell you what to do (definitely NOT the same as someone showing you what & how, and getting you to understand why). Are you learning new skills & moving forward? So again, we are all similar, but can be vastly different. Choose what fits you and your goals best. No matter what, we are glad you found CrossFit. If done correctly, it is the BEST strength & conditioning approach around, AND it will get you to your BEST fitness.


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